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The Short Story Winners!

September 25th, 2013

Have you had a chance to read the winning stories yet? If not, you should get yourself over to our website now. There are a couple of really dark tales, that’ll send chills down your spine and all four are more than worthy winners.

The winning short story by ‘This’ll Be The Day…’ by M Whipman is a great read. But, let me give you a little bit of the feedback given by competition judge Iain Pattison to whet your appetite:

“Dark, disturbing, punchy and unnerving, this story sets the adrenalin rushing. It feels like being dropped into the middle of a modern film noire nightmare. The writing is crisp, dynamic and pared to the bone, the storytelling breakneck – yet, it stills manages to find time to paint a stark and compelling backdrop, to weave a hypnotic spell of menace and anticipation.”

Second place goes to Annette Sills with the obscenity splattered ‘Terry Taliban’. In this case the swearing is justified and appropriate so please don’t let it put you off reading this wonderful story!

Iain Pattison says:

“This is a deceptive story, seeming at first quite simple, but gradually revealing layers of pain, suffering and pathos that make this a very moving read. The characterisation is nuanced and deliberately underplayed, the setting and drama authentic and well pitched, and the unexpected ending is subdued yet shocking.”

Third place was awarded to R.R Dale for ‘Best of Both Worlds’. Don’t read this if you are an easily spooked writer! Iain Pattison had this to say:

“This is the kind of funny, slick, tongue-in-cheek, intelligent and mischievous story that every judge dreams of reading. It’s knockabout comedy – with some wonderful one liners, and a hilarious ending – but also a very insightful and biting satire on the shallowness of the world of writing and the cliché ridden nature of action thrillers. Between laughs, I was saying to myself: “This is so true!”

And last, but certainly not least, is David E Needham with ‘The Wolves of Life’. Another dark tale that’s a little difficult, but at the same time, so compelling to read.

“This deeply unsettling tale keeps the reader guessing all the way through, with more twists and surprises than many novels. What is real? What is imagined? Is the pain the narrator suffers real or delusional? Is he victim or villain?”

Once you’ve read through them, please do let us know what you think of the winning stories, we’d love to know.






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