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Sharing Your Writing Online

April 28th, 2014

I always think that the hardest part about writing is letting other people read your work. It sounds silly, but there’s something very personal about writing.  It’s all too tempting to say “I’ll just write for me” and leave your stories and articles sitting on a hard-drive or hidden in a desk drawer. Recently, I decided to be brave and get some real, anonymous and, most importantly, unbiased opinions on my work, and I found a few really useful sites.

Sites like Writers Cafe, Fictionpress and Authonomy allow you to upload your work to a community of registered users who will leave comments and feedback on your work. These users are just like you – avid readers or fellow writers, so the criticism you get is usually constructive, polite and helpful. Authonomy in particular is great for budding novelists, as you can upload your whole manuscript rather than just an extract. It’s also run by publishing giant Harper Collins, so there’s always the chance that your book might be noticed by someone who can help you to get it published!

If you’re a little wary about posting your work online for the world to see, there are also forums you can go to to find a beta reader. This is just one person who you will send your work to for them to read and critique. Some sites even offer the option to swap your work with another writer, so you both read and offer feedback on the other’s writing, then swap back at the end. My favourite forum for this is World Literary Cafe, as even if you have nothing to share, you can still offer your services as a beta reader and pick up something new to read.

So, what’s stopping you? Be brave and put your work out there – you might be surprised by how much people love it!


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