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February 5th, 2010

I hope you got some inspiration from Simon’s post last week.  His suggestion to join a writers’ group, if there is one in your area, is definitely a good one.  Or, like Penny Legg – a previous guest blogger – you could set up your own group of Writing Buddies to provide support in times of need and to share your successes with.

If you’re already a student you can read what she has to say about this in the latest issue of our student magazine, Chapter and Verse.  Even if you don’t want a Writing Buddy it’s still a good read!

Or, if you don’t want a flesh and blood buddy, you could always try The Word Cloud.  This is a free social networking site “where writers can read each other’s work, offer comments and get feedback.  It’s also a place where you can discuss books, scripts and writing with like-minded souls, enter regular competitions, and much more.”

One of our tutors, Janie Jackson, who also runs Flair For Words, and has been giving useful advice to writers for years, says that you should never neglect your social life.  Writers need new people to spark ideas.  So, don’t feel guilty next time you find yourself wandering off to the pub, instead of sitting down in front of your computer.  Just make sure you avoid your local – remember, you need new people to talk to!

And finally, has anyone read Cormac McCarthy’s novel, The Road, or seen the film yet?  It could be on my agenda this weekend – and I hold up my hand and say it’s got less to do with literary merit than with Viggo Mortenson’s presence in it.  Whether he’s Aragorn Strider in Lord of the Rings or Tom Stall in A History of Violence, he’s always worth watching, in my opinion.  Then again, I could be biased.

But, whatever you do this weekend – have a good one.

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