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Share your inspiration with other writers!

August 27th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago my guest blogger, Elizabeth Ashworth, said that she is often asked where she gets her ideas for articles and stories from.  That certainly seems to have sparked some interest and there’s now a discussion taking place on the Writers Bureau Facebook page.  So, if you want to get some tips on how other writers generate ideas – or you’ve got some interesting suggestion of your own that you want to share – go along and join in.

As I’ve said before, I don’t tend to watch much TV but there’s a four-part series on BBC4 at the moment called ‘In Their Own Words’.  It shows archive clips of famous writers talking about their work, and life in general.

The first covered the period from Word War I until the 1940s and there was some great footage of Virginia Woolf and her contemporaries.  This week – which you can still see on BBC iplayer – brought us as far as the end of the 1960s.  How things – and accents in particular – have changed!  They showed a decidedly uncomfortable – and extremely rude – Evelyn Waugh being interviewed.  Apparently he’d only agreed to this if the interviewer was an attractive young lady.  And behold, his wish was granted!  You can’t imagine that happening at the BBC today…or can you?

And for my final piece of trivia, apparently there are a growing number of bloggers turning their material into books.  Books inspired by blogs are called ‘blooks’ (logical!) and they now have their own annual awards, known as… the Blookers. But don’t despair, I’ve no intention of turning my ramblings into a book in the foreseeable future.

Next week my guest blogger will be Writers Bureau tutor, Janie Jackson and she’ll be explaining why every writer should have a USP.

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