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What do you call a writer who never gives up?

July 29th, 2011


I am not sure of the origin of this quote; I saw it for the first time on a blog by an Author called Joe Konrath. His blog (A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing) is a great source of data on the subject of self-publishing. The success he is enjoying now (certainly from a financial point of view) is largely down to him publishing work via the Kindle and Nook platforms – that is eBooks, for those who are left scratching their heads.

So is the self-publishing option a viable way to go? Or is it the domain of the otherwise un-publishable – the vanity publishing often scowled at as a sign of desperation for rejected writers who cannot accept that their work just isn’t up to scratch?

It is a fact that finding a publisher – or an agent for that matter – is getting more and more difficult these days. The worldwide economic decline has hit hard in many industries, and publishing happens to be one of them.

Many forums have sprung up over recent months with a “Kindle Debate” theme. Some writers believe that for the first time they have the opportunity to have more control over their work. Royalties are far higher when self-publishing, but at the sacrifice of the much anticipated advances traditional publishers offer.

I firmly believe that the publishing route an author chooses to take is just as important as his choice of genre these days. It is a subject that requires a great deal of consideration. Personally, I have chosen the self-publishing route, certainly to start with, as I believe that getting my work out there will be a better way of attracting a deal with a traditional publishing house. The readers, after all, are the people who will decide whether or not a book is a potential best seller, something they would have no say in if a publishing house decided otherwise and the book never reached its audience. Which path will you choose?


Bev Morley is a student of the Writers Bureau, studying the Comprehensive Creative Writing course on a part time basis. As well as self publishing “Fragile”, a short story for Kindle (and published under the pen name Mo James), Beverley has had success with work completed through her course including a two page article in ”Your Cat” magazine entitled ‘Vampire Kitty or just a Twilight Hours Snuggler?’ In addition, Beverley’s first novel, “Finding Willow Green” will be available both as an eBook and in paperback in the coming weeks. Supplementing her income by working part time as a Phoenix Trader, Beverley has managed to find a way to balance her family, work and writing life in a way which allows her to remain both fulfilled and financially independent.


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