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Help with Polishing your Prose

July 22nd, 2011

First, thanks to Esther for last week’s blog. She raised a good point – and one with which many of our tutors will agree. You’d be amazed at the number of students who join us wanting to write a novel or short stories and by the time they have finished the non-fiction part of the course they realise that’s where their main talent (and ability to earn money) lies. But that’s the good thing about the Comprehensive writing course – you can try both.

Fiction for Free

That’s what you’ll get it you visit Erin Underwood – Life, Literature and Everything Between. July’s Free Fiction Sampler has a wide selection of samples available from dozens of science fiction, fantasy and horror writers. She says “We invite you to dip into a chapter, or two, or even to try them all! The purpose of the Free Fiction Sampler is to reunite readers with authors they love as well as to introduce them to authors they haven’t yet met.” The July issue contains excerpts and chapters from 25 different books and you can also go back to April or January issues for more material. It provides an excellent way of checking out new authors or just deciding whether you fancy the next book by one of your favourites.

It’s grim up North!

Moth Publishing are running a competition until 31st August, offering a publishing contract to four authors of a crime novel or thriller, plus £1000 prize money and help with the editing and marketing of the book. The writer has to be from The North and the book must not have been published, self published, or produced as an e-book. The entry fee is quite steep at £20 but this covers the reading of your synopsis and the first chapter – so if you’re writing in this genre, it might be worth checking out the competition guidelines.

Review and Appraisal Service

And talking of your synopsis and the first chapters of your book, if you feel they need an expert eye casting over them then the Writers Bureau currently have a special offer on their Review and Appraisal service. Until 31st July there’s £30 off the price of having your synopsis and the first 15,000 words of your novel or non-fiction book reviewed by one of our expert tutors.

Next week, Writers Bureau student, Bev Morley, will be my guest – giving her views on self-publishing. If you’re considering it yourself, do join her, as she definitely sees more pros than cons.

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