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Recycling Your Favourite Books

September 15th, 2017

First, thanks to Karen for last week’s blog. It was interesting to hear about where she gets her ideas. We advocate freewriting in our courses and it’s something I recommend you try.

She also mentioned that for the first time she has joined an evening class for writing. Even if you are already studying one of our courses, actually getting together with other writers (whether in regular classes, the occasional workshop or for weekend breaks) can be a great source of inspiration.

I’ve noticed that Women’s Weekly magazine is currently offering a range of workshops, and you would assume that their tutors are knowledgeable about what the current markets are looking for.

Subjects include ‘How to Write a Novel’, ‘Write Poetry for Competitions’, ‘Creating Characters’, ‘Writing for Children’ and ‘Writing Picture Books’. These are being held over the next couple of months and cost a very reasonable £79 each. Unfortunately, they are all in London and are on a first-come-first-served basis. So if you’re interested you need to check out their website now.

Moving on, have you come across BookMooch yet? It’s a global online book exchange where you can give away books you’ve read in exchange for those you want. It’s very simple: you type in the books you want to give away; receive requests from others for your books; mail your books and receive points; ask for books from others and pay with your points. It’s free to join but if you’re mailing books to distant destinations you’ll quickly incur hefty costs. And, as we find here, the postal services in some countries are far from reliable. So, it sounds great in theory – but it might not be quite such a good idea in practice. I’ve not tried it myself but I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has.

As we’re currently running a flash fiction competition I thought some of you poets out there might be getting withdrawal symptoms. So, here’s something for you! The Poetry Society is currently running their annual competition. Prizes are £5000, £2000, £1000 and £200 for seven commendations. The quality of entries will be high, of that you can be sure. But when I look at some of the poems we get in for our annual poetry competition I know that there are those amongst you that can compete with the best. The closing date is 31st October so there’s still plenty of time to choose that ‘special’  poem and polish it until it shines.

And to round things off, let’s return to the beginning. My own way of finding inspiration is travel. I don’t mean necessarily to write about where I’ve visited, but to clear my mind and open it to new people, new sights and new experiences.  Try it – it might just make those long-haul flights, airport stop-overs and delays more bearable!

My guest next week is Caroline Foster who will be discussing writing for online markets. Caroline was a student back in 1997 and has gone on to a 20-year career as a writer!



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