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Do I Have the Qualities Needed to be a Freelance Writer?

November 21st, 2012

This is another question that needs careful thought, especially if you are considering freelance writing as a full-time profession. It seems that a lot of people think that being a writer means sitting at a desk all day, churning out reams of writing about the stuff that interests you, sending it off to editors who are, of course, waiting with baited breath to get their hands on it. ‘If only!’ would be the response from most writers, because the reality is vastly different. Read through the points below and see if you have the qualities needed to be successful in freelance writing:

  1. Lose the ego – when you become a writer, and you want to take it seriously and earn money from it, you’ll quickly learn that you have to bend to the will of the publishers. This means simply providing them with what they need and want to fill their blank pages.  So, being able to put your ego to one side is certainly a bonus for any aspiring writer.
  2. Learn to be self-motivated – this is a must as there are no managers prodding you to get the work done on time. You will be in charge of organising your own work and making sure that it plops on the editor’s desk by the deadline.
  3. Develop a Thick Skin – this is very important! If your feelings are easily hurt, writing may not be for you as it can seem like editors are being cruel when they reject your work. Of course, this is not the case, but may be interpreted as such if you are a little sensitive, especially towards your writing. Editors are not rejecting you personally, they are simply saying, ‘Thank you’ but it’s not for us at this time’, when they return a piece of writing to you.
  4. Patience really is a virtue – writing can be a waiting game. You could be waiting six months to hear back from an editor and the same amount again for your payment, if your work is published, so a huge dose of patience will help to keep you sane while you wait.

These are the four most important qualities I can think of. Of course, there are loads more and you can see a whole article on the subject here https://www.writersbureau.com/writing/qualities-to-become-a-published-writer.htm. But, if you are thinking of being a freelance writer, you’ll need these four qualities to have any chance of getting your dream off the ground.

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