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Becoming a Published Writer is Truly a Miracle!

September 25th, 2015

Lawrence Pagett begins the story:

principles-of-EFT-blogI had writer stamped all over my hands (and face) from age eight.

My silver-haired grandfather revealed his old mechanical typewriter and set me down to learn the art of touch typing. My first short story suitably followed telling the tale of the Swiss skiing boy, Jan.

“Clack, clack, clack. Ding!”

At the end of each line a silver bell would chime as you pushed the lever to descend the page.

The heavy slate metal contraption’s smudgy ink-soaked ribbon printed in a slightly irregular fashion. Black smudgy hands and face were common place.

If you tapped the keyboard inaccurately your finger would get stuck between the keys and on occasion you would accidentally hit two keys at once causing the thin metal strips, each containing a letter, to vie for position on the page and even get tangled together.

Writing (and getting published) can be equally messy – a hit and miss affair.

Paul and I are current students of The Writer’s Bureau, and their expertise and encouragement gave us the impetus to send the email – a first attempt to get a book published – and within two hours, we received a YES! Principles of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), chronicles the energy tapping modality from its ancient Chinese shamanic roots to present day. It has been heralded as “the definitive guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques.”

How many writers could boast that? What a miracle!

I tapped into international author success with surprising ease. Yet of course there are inevitable rejections and setbacks.

Paul Millward takes over:

“The writing industry is indeed a very strange business. Having worked in accountancy for many years, I find it bizarre, and often even unprofessional, the way publishers treat their writers.”

Both authors can recount curious stories of getting published and not getting paid; being told you are a fantastic writer, or we love the story yet we are not going to publish it. And even being published and paid for a piece that, when released, does not even slightly resemble the article submitted! (But let me assure you that none of this applies to our wonderful publishers Jessica Kingsley!)

Such are the joys of inhabiting the wondrous world of writing. What profession has such an extraordinary roller coaster ride written into the fabric of its script?

So to conclude…

If you, like us, have the deep down inner belief that you are a writer, then truly trust in that certainty – have the necessary faith, believe and continue to take action. It will help get you through the inevitable ups and downs and storms of writing life and may even lead you to the coveted paid, published and promised land of book success.




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