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Win a Proofreading and Copy Editing Course

April 20th, 2012

Thanks to Shelley for her tips on entering our Short Story Competition. They are wise words and anyone who ignores them is just wasting their entry fee – and no-one can afford to do that in these cash-strapped times.

While Shelley was holding the fort, I’ve been on holiday in America. Before I went I was feeling a bit disgruntled with the UK – silly politicians (and that’s a kind, restrained adjective), austerity and bad weather. But 16 days in America made me realise how lucky we are. Yes, the sites – particularly the Grand Canyon – are amazing, but some places, such as Las Vegas, are so divorced from reality that it’s terrifying. And in the cities, the number of homeless people who roll their sleeping bags up each morning (assuming they have a sleeping bag) and tuck them away for the day was a real eye opener. The grass isn’t always greener…

Something for nothing

As times are hard the odd freebie comes in very useful and the most recent one I’ve discovered is CELTX. It offers formats for stage, radio and screen plays, comic books and novels – plus lots of other useful features. So, particularly if you have aspirations as a scriptwriter, check it out.

Also, whether you’re a Writers Bureau student, or not, why not have a look at the second edition of our quarterly newsletter The Write Place. If you’re a student you get to access the version with special offers. But even if you’re not a student you can still read the newsletter – and wondering what you’re missing might just temp you to join us.

Spot the deliberate mistakes

Something that is open to students and non-students alike is our monthly competition. This month it’s Find the Mistakes. Test your proofreading skills spotting the mistakes we’ve introduced in a short passage from Alice in Wonderland – the winner will get the chance to hone those skills even further as the prize is a copy of the Proofreading and Copy Editing Course.

And that’s all for this week. I’ve got a confession to make – I’m currently trying to work off the calories from all those huge American portions of food. So when I go home it’s a bout of vigorous gardening for me rather than collapsing in a chair with a good book. (I don’t suppose reading to the plants counts as gardening? Perhaps not!)

My guest next week will be Emily Ashton, a creative writing graduate. Some of you may already have made her acquaintance as she’s also a Student Services advisor here at the Writers Bureau.

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