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How to Promote Yourself Through Social Networks

October 10th, 2014

Sneha-Tipnis_Writers-Bureau_Recent-photo-1As a freelance writer, I thought of promoting myself online i.e. through social networks like Google +, LinkedIn and my blog http://goldentipsmumbai.blogspot.in/. So, I would like to share the experience of this process with you all.

If you too are registered on these social networks, then you can surely promote yourself in the same way I did. And here’s how I’m still doing it! I share my blog posts via a link on Google + with my personal contacts like colleagues, friends etc. I also consciously share my blog posts with other writers who are in my Google + circles i.e. a network of people on Google.  Furthermore, I also email the links of these blog posts to those who aren’t active on Google +. As a result, your creative content (blog posts or articles) are viewed by people in your circles. In addition to this, you are digitally known to a plethora of people starting from colleagues, friends in general to like-minded writers, worldwide, in particular.

Secondly, whenever your articles, fictional work, essays, poetry etc. are published on some writers’ forum or in online magazines (e-zines), you can share such published work via a link on your Google + home page. It means you can copy the link of your article, essay or creative piece from the website or blog of the writers’ forum and then paste that link on your Google + home page. By doing so, your digital visibility is enhanced and your chances of getting spotted by millions and billions of eyeballs increases. And, who knows? Some of those eye balls can belong to editors.

LinkedIn is another qualitative and effective social networking tool. It has helped me to connect with professional and freelance writers who have their own writing firm or house. These writers also play the role of trainers. They guide the amateur and/or veteran writers to enhance and hone their writing skills; several e-books have also been written by these professional writers for transforming the amateur writers into proficient ones and to boost the literary calibre of veterans. I connected with a few writers on LinkedInwho have their own Writer Forums or Writer Houses. Some of these writers are: Shuchi Kalra, Freelance Writer and Editor, Owner, Pixie Dust Writing Studio from Lucknow, India and Karen Cioffi-Ventrice, The Article Writing Doctor – Content Writing Services for Natural Healthcare Professionals (and small businesses) from Greater New York City Area.

I gained lot of insight into the Writing world when I followed the Indian Freelance Writers blog written by Shuchi Kalra. You can approach these writers for guidance through email, LinkedIn and their Google+ profiles as well.

On the other hand, there are numerous writers groups and communities on Google +. I follow such groups and you can follow me on Google + as well as the groups of your choice from my circles. Being a participant of these groups helps me stay connected with freelance writers, expert writers, writing competitions and communities for freelance writers that provide essential tips. I find these groups very beneficial in order to resolve my queries regarding freelance writing for instance, recent topics in the writing world etc.

Moreover, along with social networking with writers and writers’ forums, the Google+ and blogs add an icing on the cake when you receive +1 recommendation on Google+ and constructive feedback or comments from your blog readers.

So, my fellows from the writing community, create your accounts or upgrade the existing ones and promote your writing skills. Just paste the articles’ links on your dashboard or share – that’s all you need to do!

Happy digital promoting!


Sneha Tipnis, is an Indian blogger and also a freelance writer since 2007. She has written for online writers’ platforms like Triond, Authspot and Bookstove. At present, she’s a student of Master in Educational Technology, SNDT Women’s University, India and working in the field of e-learning. She’s  also a student of The Writers Bureau.

You can connect with her on her blog at: http://goldentipsmumbai.blogspot.in/, Google+ and LinkedIn.


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