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We Are Poets

November 26th, 2014

We-Are-Poets-blogRight, listen, stop wasting time reading my blog and click on this link so that, at least once in your life, you get to see the We Are Poets Youtube Teaser. It’s not long – only three and a half minutes. But I guarantee that, unless you’re getting married later or waiting for the birth of your first child, it’ll be the best three and a half minutes of your day. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it, and still, I get a tear in my eye every time it comes to an end. That’s not because it tells a sad story. It’s because this is a refreshingly unexpected example of what we’re all after – a perfect thing.

Now, there aren’t many perfect things in the world (not made by human hands anyway). People who manage to create such artifacts are usually rewarded with staggering levels of wealth and celebrity; their works are displayed in marble pillared galleries, published in leather bound volumes, or performed in sumptuous theatres. And what makes this short film so extraordinary is that it doesn’t feature anyone like that. Its writers and actors are a group of kids from Leeds who, instead of hanging around on the corner like a pack of walking cliches, make and perform poetry. Eloquent, passionate, finely crafted poetry it is too.

So, if you’re anything like me, and it feels like your teenage years happened in a distant, far-off age. If you look on the youth of today as some kind of feral ‘other’ species, obsessed with binge drinking and petty (or not so petty) crime, take a look at this work. It can’t help but fill you with hope, because anyone who can write as well as this must be able to imagine a better world than the one they inherited.

Keep on writing!


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