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Poetry – It’s Good for Your Health

February 19th, 2014

It’s true! Writing poetry really is good for your health, especially your mental health it seems. In fact, the use of poetry as a form of therapy can be traced all the way back to the ancients Greeks. Perie Logno, a poetry therapist, tells us that:

“The word therapy, after all, comes from the Greek word therapeia meaning to nurse or cure through dance, song, poem and drama, that is the expressive arts…”

And its use as a supplemental treatment for mental health issues was being used as early as the second century AD by a Greek physician Soranus. There’s even a National Association for Poetry Therapy, so there must be something in it.

So why is poetry so good for your mental health? Well, it seems its main benefit is to allow you to express yourself. In her article ‘Will a Poem a Day keep The Doctor Away’, Linda Wasmer Andrews refers to an article in the Journal of Poetry Therapy. In the article the author, Lea Tufford, argues that ‘poetry writing may help synthesize and release the intense emotions aroused by another, closely related experience: infertility. She notes that capturing difficult emotions on a page may help people get a better grasp on them.’

Of course you don’t have to have mental health issues to enjoy writing poetry, but it’s a great little side benefit you get for nothing! So, why not have a go?

And, next week’s Course of The Week is The Art of Writing Poetry – you’ll get £25 off – so it’s a great time to try.

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