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The Pleasure’s in Paper

November 21st, 2014

My-Book-Cover-Esther-Newton-blogBack in July, I had a guest blog slot around the time my e-book of short stories was coming out. The Siege and Other Award Winning Stories was only ever meant to be an e-book. I’d put together some of my stories for my students, who often asked to read them and for friends and family. I didn’t expect it to send me on the road to riches as short story collections don’t usually sell particularly well (unless you’re Kate Atkinson or J.K. Rowling) but it would be there for anyone who wanted to read some of my stories.

Now, I don’t know about you but I love ‘proper’ books. Yes, the ones everyone said would be a thing of the past thanks to the explosion of the e-book, which was set to take over the world. Well, not quite but I dug my heels in anyway and vowed to be the last person still reading the book – one which I could sniff (there’s nothing like the fresh scent of a new book), one I could stroke if I wanted to (I love the feel of a new book cover – the raised writing and images and of course, the smoothness of the spine), pages I could turn myself and the satisfaction of closing the book when it’s been read.

After reading that, you’d be forgiven for thinking I don’t like e-books. I do. They’re brilliant and without them, my own e-book wouldn’t exist, but there is a still place for print books. This was further evidenced when some of my family, friends and students asked when the paperback version would be out.

“A paperback version?” I asked.

“I’d love to read your book, but I don’t have a Kindle or anything to read an e-book on,” said a friend.

Another voiced, “I just like traditional books.”

Even my dad put his penn’orth in, informing me it wasn’t really a proper book as he hadn’t held it in his hands.

I was thrilled. Proof there is hope for the good old paperback. So I took on board everyone’s suggestions and thanks to you, the paperback version has just been released. I’ve added six extra stories to make something more of it. I should receive my author copies this week. I can almost smell the pages from here!


Esther has been working as a freelance writer for fifteen years, regularly writing articles and short stories for magazines and newspapers such as Freelance Market News, Writers’ Forum, The Guardian, The Cat, and  The People’s Friend to name a few.

Winner of Writing Magazine, Writers’ News and several other prestigious writing competitions and awards, she has also had the privilege of judging writing competitions.

As well as working as a freelance writer, Esther has branched out into the exciting world of copywriting, providing copy for sales letters, brochures, leaflets, slogans and e-mails.

You can order her book from Amazon, Waterstones on-line and Silverwood Books.  You can also order the book direct from Esther.  The retail price is £6.50 but you can have a copy (signed, or unsigned!) for £5, plus postage. If you’d like to buy one, you can e-mail her: esthernewton@virginmedia.com



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