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The Perils Of Self-Publishing

February 15th, 2019

My first attempts into the realms of self-publishing were very tentative to say the least. I’m not the best when it comes to technology.

At first I kept going into the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) website and just having a look at the process but didn’t do anything about it.

After a few weeks of this I finally plucked up the courage to take action. One step at a time I got through it. To be honest, the kindle edition was straightforward but the paperback was a nightmare. The formatting was the difficulty. I kept going into the help section but didn’t understand. All I saw were loads of figures which blurred and merged into one before my eyes. (I’m not good with figures either.) I got there in the end but was ready to throw my laptop out the window. Tearing my hair out came into the equation as well. Writing the book was easy compared to this.

Since the publication of Lily of the Valley it has got easier, much to my relief.

There is now a Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word which does the formatting for us authors who need a step by step idiots guide! It also prepares the manuscript for publication.

I recently published my eigth book, Missing. As usual I got my wonderful cover designer to do the cover for me. I found him on Fiverr.com. He did a great, professional job. I downloaded the cover and attempted to upload on to KDP. Oh no, it wouldn’t accept it. Several attempts later, after contacting Steve and KDP, I was no further forward. Steve suggested he log into my account and try himself. Head in my hands I just wanted to scream. Even more so when he sent me a message to say he’d uploaded it with no problem. I dreaded publishing the paperback in case I had the same issue. I didn’t.

Formatting was a nightmare again though as it kept showing up with blank pages or pages with only a few lines of writing. I had absolutely no idea how to solve the problem. Fortunately, I know someone good with computers  who was happy to help. In the end I managed it myself, which was impressive, but have no idea how.

I was very pleased and excited when I previewed it to discover no errors showing up.

I clicked publish. Job done!!

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