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Finding The Right Publisher For Your Work

June 15th, 2018

First, thanks once again to Elyse for another interesting post. It’s full of useful advice and shows just how important it is to look objectively at what’s on offer when a publisher shows an interest in your work. I know it’s a wonderful feeling when someone says they want to take your book and publish it, but don’t jump in before you’ve gone through everything with a fine toothcomb.

You need to know whether they are going to publish your book as a print run, as print on demand or as an e-book  –  or whether there will be a combination of these.

How long will the contract last and if they decide to stop producing your book, will you be free to take back ownership and find a new publisher or do it yourself? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Best Way To Avoid Unfair Contracts

June 8th, 2018

A few years ago, I was offered a publishing deal with the first publisher I sent my first book to. I was stunned and euphoric. This was a dream come true for me.  Unfortunately, my joy was short lived. My WB Tutor, David Kinchin, suggested I ask legal experts to review the deal was I was being offered and sure enough all was not it appeared. The head won over the heart and to my astonishment I rejected the offer.

After this narrow escape I was wary of publishers and traditional printing; it wasn’t as rosy and wonderful as I’d been led to believe. There were sharks out there who wanted to take your creativity and use it to make themselves rich, whilst you did all the work. Read the rest of this entry »

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First, Second Or Third Person?

June 1st, 2018

We give plenty of good advice in the Writers Bureau Comprehensive Course about how to decide whether to write your novel/short story in the first person or the third person.  For the uninitiated, here’s a quick reminder.

First Person:  I did this/I did that.

Third Person: Jack did this/Jack did that.

The main difference between them is that in the first-person you’ll only be able to identify with one person – the narrator – and the various scenes will be perceived through that character’s eyes. The other characters will be described by whoever is telling the tale. But – and this is a big but – the reader will only find out what the narrator knows, so your story will, in a sense, be limited in its action. But done well it can lead to great fiction – think of Jane Eyre! Read the rest of this entry »

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Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

May 25th, 2018

“Sometimes you just have to put your money where your mouth is.” This is what best-selling writer Jo Jo Moyles said in her interview with the Guardian when she was talking about the funding she is providing for Quick Reads. For those of you who don’t know, Quick Reads publishes a series of short, simple books that might appeal to the one in six adults in the UK with reading difficulties. The scheme, established in 2006, is designed to encourage reading and hopefully give slow readers more confidence and help them to move on to full-length books.

I think it’s a brilliant scheme, but there have been funding difficulties and the threat of closure has been hanging over it. When she heard this, the author offered to provide resources to keep it going for three years, providing a lifeline which would give it the opportunity to work on finding additional funding. When you can read fluently, you tend to take it for granted. Nothing beats the pleasure of a good book;  it’s easy to find information when you need it and understanding and filling in forms isn’t a serious problems. But, if your reading isn’t fluent then you’re missing out on so much and life is far less smooth. So, Quick Reads can now start commissioning new books again and I wish them well! This is definitely one organisation that deserves a helping hand. Read the rest of this entry »

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What’s YOUR Motivation?

May 18th, 2018

First, thanks to Vicki for last week’s post. I think she’s right when she says that nearly everyone who has had a burning desire to write probably remembers the motivation that first prompted them to pursue their dream.

But for some people, it’s maintaining that motivation when things don’t seem to be going right that’s a problem. Your cherished novel has been rejected…and rejected…and rejected. That fascinating article about your trip to the saffron fields of Morocco just doesn’t seem to be catching the eye of a travel editor. Your carefully crafted short story hasn’t been short-listed in yet another competition.  At some point, any writer can start to feel that perhaps they just haven’t got what it takes. Read the rest of this entry »

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