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NaNoWriMo Comes Round Again!

October 26th, 2018

First, thanks to Aileen for last week’s blog. I can’t imagine how difficult life would be if you struggled to read instructions, had difficulty filling in forms and didn’t have the amazing pleasure of sitting down to read a good book. So, I take my hat off to all the people who help those with literacy problems. And it’s lovely to hear of someone using their own writing to make this happen.

Every year, towards the end of October, I give a mention to NaNoWriMo the scheme by which would-be novelists are encouraged to write a complete novel in the month of November.  How time flies – it really seems to have come round quickly this year! I don’t think this is an easy challenge – and one not to be undertaken lightly. I suspect that you already need to have a pretty well-formed idea of your book’s plot before starting and you will definitely need the help of friends and family if you are to find enough time to get everything down in the month. One thing that makes it a little less daunting is that your novel doesn’t have to be perfect by the 30th November. It can be the first rough draft and then you can spend all the time you like polishing it to perfection. If you sign up at the official website you will get tips on how best to go about it and encouragement from like-minded people around the world – but it’s still up to you to make it happen.

So, if you’ve been dragging your feet or have been sitting on the first five chapters of your magnus opus for the past couple of years, now may be just the time to take the plunge. Good luck!

If you’ve already completed your book, and it’s one for children, then you might want to consider sending it to independent publishers Cranachan. They are currently accepting children’s historical fiction, children’s fiction and YA fiction for publication in 2020 and 2021. Have a look at their website for details of how to submit – but they are looking for a synopsis and the first 5,000 words in the first instance.

Before I close, I’d just like to remind you that our Flash Fiction Competition has just over a month to run before the closing date of 30th November.  And that month will be gone like a flash! So, if you want to enter, then you need to start crafting your small but perfectly formed stories now. There is a 500-word limit and prizes of £300, £200 and £100. Plus each winner will receive a Writers Bureau course of their choice. I find flash fiction a fascinating genre and we’ve had some wonderful stories submitted in the past. But if I were to give writers any tips, from my experience as a judge, I would say:

make sure you write a real story, not just 500 words of beautiful, literary description,

and, because there’s not a lot of space for setting and characterisation, your main character/s or the theme of the story have to be particularly imaginative and really intrigue the reader.

Next week, for all of you who claim you can never find enough time to write, I’ll be looking at a method that could just dispel that myth for every!

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