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Six Mistakes To Avoid When Self-Publishing

April 4th, 2016

barcode-blogWhen I first started watching this clip I must confess to having reservations. I thought the content might by ‘too American’; I felt that Grace spoke rather too fast and she seems fond of a pet hate of mine – using your fingers to put ‘inverted commas’ around what you are saying.

But when I’d watched it through, I certainly warmed to her and I think the advice she gives is really sensible. Here are the main points she makes, and you can’t argue with any of them.

  1. However confident you are in your ability to write a book, it’s usually wise to employ a structural editor to bring any problems to your attention.
  2. You really need a good copyeditor or proof reader to pick up on mistakes and typos that creep in, no matter how many times you check the manuscript.
  3. Make sure you get an ISBN/barcode.
  4. Don’t skimp on cover design.
  5. Avoid inefficient or bad marketing.
  6. Don’t feel your book isn’t ‘real’ because it’s self-published. You are a writer – but one with more control than those working through a conventional publisher.

So, if you’re in the process of writing a book and considering publishing it yourself, do bear these points in mind before taking the plunge.


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