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A rose by any other name…

December 11th, 2009

So what do you think about “meshing”?  Until last week, if you’d said the word to me I’d probably have connected it with gears or gone off on a flight of fancy concerning barbed wire and bondage (let’s not even go there…)  But now all is revealed.  Apparently, it’s when a couple get married and combine their surnames into a new name rather than the bride taking the groom’s name or them joining to form a double-barrelled affair.

My maiden name was Bertwistle (I know… not the easiest name to live with).  So, a double-barrelled name wasn’t really an option.  Nadin-Bertwistle does sound rather like a mittel-European royal dynasty.  So what do you get when you mesh?  Nadbert! Somehow, I think I’ll be sticking with my husband’s surname for the foreseeable future.  But if I do decide to change into a Nadbert, you’ll be the first to know!

And now on to more sensible things.  If you suspect one of your New Year resolutions will be to spend more time on your writing (link to home page) then what better motivation than to visit the Arts and Book Festival in Cumbria.  Not only will you get chance to listen to the experts but you can work off the excesses of the festive season by yomping on the fells in your spare time. Mens sane in corpore sana!

And finally, check out The Professional Writing Research Portal.  It’s been set up by staff on University College Falmouth’s MA in Professional Writing course and covers a wide range of information for both new and experienced writers.

So until next time…

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