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Markets for Your Writing!

March 7th, 2011

First, thanks to Nicki Taylor for last week’s post – I agree that many writers find their brains so full of various ideas and projects that they tend to keep going off in different directions rather than settling down and getting one thing finished before moving on to the next. So, stay focused and you’ll probably get more done in the long-run!

The write way to stay sane

And sometimes it’s not just a case of staying focused – it’s a case of staying sane and enjoying life. In my case, when I get to the end of my tether, or can’t see my way around a problem, I have to get outside and do some work. It doesn’t matter how cold or overcast it is, just spending an hour sweeping up leaves, or viciously hacking down overgrown shrubs (even cleaning my car) works wonders. So, why not sit down and think about what calms you and then use that whenever things are getting on top of you. Remember, according research, optimists live around 12 years longer than pessimists. So if you want a long and happy life, try to turn yourself into a glass-half-full person.

Websites for writers

My colleague, Shelley, who edits E-zee Writer, our monthly e-zine, always has a section where she provides links to sites that she thinks might be useful for writers. This month there are three great ones – so I’d really advise you to have a look. Remember, if you don’t already subscribe, it’s free and you’ll be surprised how much useful information it packs in. I was particularly impressed with The Ivory Tower which provides a database of periodical markets, sorted by genre and with links that take you direct to the submissions page of each publication. It can save hours searching for the information you need.

Period poetry

Finally, something that caught my eye was the National Trust Landlines poetry competition. The theme is ‘the great outdoors’ – so this brings me back neatly to where I started this week! They are accepting entries up to 20 lines, there’s no entry fee and the closing date is 31st March. The prize isn’t money, but the winner will enjoy a day with staff either at an outdoor location or behind the scenes at a Trust property. So, look on it not just as a fascinating experience – but one that could provide you with lots of material for future articles. If you’re interested in perking up your poetry skills (sorry, I couldn’t resist) you could always enrol on our Art of Writing Poetry Course. Even if it doesn’t help you win competitions it will give you a better understanding of the creative process and show you the importance of polishing your work if you intend to put it in front of an audience of any kind.

Next week my guest will be Writers Bureau student, Shefali Sunderan Harsha – a seasoned writer and blogger.

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