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Managing Your Social Media

November 11th, 2016

social-media-blogFirst, thanks to Phil for last week’s blog, it’s great to have him as one of the team working in the office.

And he’s absolutely right. One of the best things about working for the Writers Bureau (apart from the Friday cream cakes) is that we’re dealing with students from all over the world. I love reading through assignments, it’s like having a window on the world. Not the world you see in glossy travel brochures, but the world of real people, leading real lives.

Another interesting, but odd, experience is when you get a student writing about a place that you know well. A lady recently described a park very close to where I live and which I visit quite often. It’s just an ordinary, municipal park but I think it’s tranquil and relaxing and she obviously felt the same way. I got a little jolt of pleasure to think that someone else obviously sees it in the same way that I do.

OK, enough of my reveries and on to something that you might find useful. I’ve recently been updating our How to Market Your Book Course. There’s a section in the course that deals with the importance of using social media to plug your books or get yourself recognised as a writer. It’s one of the modules that needed must updating as this is a fast-changing world. When we had the course written, Facebook and MySpace were the tools of choice with a nod to Twitter and LinkedIn. Now, few people seem to be using MySpace, and Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram have slipped into the equation.

We suggest that you pick a couple that you feel most comfortable with and give these your full attention. After all, you don’t want to spend more time on Social Media than you do on your writing.

One tool that you might find helpful is Hootsuite. It’s a social media management system that lets you keep track of and manage different social network channels. You can monitor what people are saying about you and respond instantly.

It currently allows you to manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, WordPress blogs, tumblr… and others I’ve not even heard of!

However, do be careful. Think of the type of audience you have on each network. Your Facebook fans will be different to your Twitter followers. Also, Twitter only allows 140 characters whereas Facebook allows much longer posts.

You can use it on any device and you will find the weekly analytics report very useful. Each week, Hootsuite sends you a PDF of your click summaries. There are graphs showing: number of clicks per day; geographical information on the people clicking through; top referrers and most popular links.

Currently they have a free plan for individuals, though if you want to start using it as a small business then there’s a monthly fee.

Before I close, just a reminder about a couple of things. We’ve currently got a £25 discount on our Biographies, Memoirs and Family Histories Course, but the offer ends on Sunday (13th November) so you need to be quick if you want to take advantage of it. It’s a great course, especially if you’re researching your ancestors and want to put together something more than just a standard family tree.

Finally, don’t forget that our Flash Fiction Competition closes at the end of November. It costs £5 for one entry but only £10 for three. The cash prizes are £300, £200 and £100 plus each winner gets a Writers Bureau Course of their choice.






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