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Can writers make a living from writing short stories?

June 25th, 2010

It’s hot, and although I love summer weather I can’t help feeling it’s largely a waste of time for those of us cooped-up in a city-centre office.  You don’t get to enjoy the benefits and when you go home you have to face the tedium of filling and re-filling a degging can, just to keep those precious plants you bought alive and perky.

But let’s not be negative.  Apparently if you think happy, positive thoughts, your whole life will be happier and more successful – well that’s the theory, anyway!  So let’s be positive, instead.  According to the Press Gazette over a billion consumer magazines were sold in 2009 and sales dropped just 1.3% in the second half of the year – despite the recession.  So, if you’re a writer there’s still a huge market out there for your work.

I suspect the reason for the buoyancy is that magazines are still considered comparatively cheap – a small indulgence that can be justified even when times are hard and finances tight.

If you’re interested in writing fiction you could do worse than check out Fiction Factor where there are hundreds of useful articles on all aspects of the craft and links on book promotions and marketing.

Or, you might like to see what Ty Johnston has to say at Local Misanthropy, his blog on writing.  A recent post considers whether writers really can make a living from writing only short stories.

So, now that we’re all feeling much more up-beat, I’m off to watch England’s third World Cup match, against Slovenia.  But I’m wondering whether I’ll still be feeling as optimistic in a couple of hours’ time!

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