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How long does it take for assignments to be returned?

September 26th, 2012

This is a very common question and we know how anxious and excited you are to get your assignments back, especially assignment one. So, below are the response times for assignments sent by email and post.

Sending by Post

When you send your work to us by post, we state that it will be marked and back in the post, on its way to you, within two weeks. This is the time we allocate for your work once it has arrived at our office and does not include the time it takes for the mail to arrive with us through the post or the postal times back to your address. So, if you call us and are told that your assignment was marked on the 26th September, you can expect it back a couple of days later – if the Royal Mail are on the ball. Of course, at times when the Royal Mail is under pressure, like Christmas, Valentines and so on, you’ll have to allow for longer delivery times.

If you live overseas and you intend to send your work through the post, you’ll have to add on a little extra time for it to arrive at our office in the UK. We advise that you allow up to four weeks for mail to arrive in the UK and the same amount of time for anything we send you to arrive at your address. If you’d like to know if something you’ve sent has arrived with us, please contact us four weeks from the date of posting and we’ll be happy to check for you.

Sending by Email

Sending assignments by email is a much quicker, cheaper and safer way of sending work to us. It offer a number of benefits – the main one being it takes much less time to get your work to us, marked and back to you, plus you’ll have an immediate acknowledgement of receipt so you can be sure your message has arrived with us. If you send your assignment to us by email, the turnaround time is 10 days and the first thing you should look for when you send an assignment is the delivery confirmation I’ve just mentioned. This will state something like ‘Thank you for your mail. If you’ve not heard from us…’ if you’ve not received this email, it is likely that your message has wandered off into the ether – never to be seen again! Do check your junk mail though, particularly if it’s your first assignment submission as, if you’ve not added us to your mailing list, our messages may end up being filtered out by your system as junk, especially if they have attachments!

If you’ve not heard from us within the 10 days specified, please contact us immediately so we can chase up your assignment. Remember, if you don’t tell us you’ve not had your assignment back – we’ve no way of knowing.

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