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A Literary Television Treat

January 5th, 2018

First, happy New Year! Here we are at the start of 2018 having been lashed by storms Dylan and Eleanor. I can’t say that I’m really sorry as it’s given me the chance to spend a bit more time curled up with some good books and the last of the chocolate biscuits rather than having to go out into the garden and start dismantling the Christmas reindeer.

This year my husband decided to make reindeer from logs that we’d sawn off trees over the previous year, and give them collars of shiny red metal. I think they’re great, but the local wildlife wasn’t as impressed. We have some very fat, very bold squirrels. They’re not frightened of me, or my husband, but they certainly gave the Rudolphs a wide berth. I loved watching them edge their way around keeping a very beady eye open for any movement. At least I know what to put near the bird feeders in future to keep them at a distance. Perhaps we need to invent some all-season mythical beast that we can use to keep them in check! Squirrels are cute, but not when they’re eating all the nuts and digging up my bulbs for a quick snack.

There’s not much going on here at this time of year – we’re all trying to catch up after the Christmas break. But, we’ll soon have the winners of the 2017 Flash Fiction competition for you. We’ve whittled it down to a shortlist; so it’s just a case of picking the very best. And that’s always difficult! Once that’s been done we’ll be opening our 2018 Short Story Competition (2000 words) for entries. So do keep an eye on our website to check what’s happening.

And for those of you who are still looking for a course to study this Spring, we’ve got £25 off our Comprehensive Creative Writing Course. Just click on the link to bag yourself a bargain.

I didn’t watch a great deal of TV over the Christmas period but there were two adaptations that I thoroughly enjoyed. The first was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I loved her writing when I was younger but have never re-read the books. Because of this, I think I’d forgotten that in addition to them being fun and heart-warming there is also a considerable element of sadness in them. Definitely one scheduled for a re-read before too long.

The other was much darker – The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. I loved the book when I read it and the BBC excelled itself with the actors chosen and the dark opulence of the settings. Both are still available on i-Player; so if you do have the time, and want a treat, make the effort to catch up with them.

My guest next week is Victoria Walklate who recently won our AFW short story competition and was a runner up in last year’s Limerick Competition. She’ll be looking at the importance of checking your finished masterpiece before rushing to send it off for publication. Until then…


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