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Limerick Competition Winners

August 19th, 2016

Anthony-Watts---head-&-shoulder-portrait-(2)-blogLast week I promised to let you know the winners of our Limerick Competition that closed at the end of July. So, ta-dah! Here they are.

First place was taken by Anthony Watts (pictured) from Somerset.

A scone is a scone is a scon,

Depending on whose side you’re on.

When writing in verse

This can prove a real curse

(Should you rhyme it with Joan or with John?)

You’ve got to admit, it’s good. It’s not only witty but the rhymes are spot on and the metre for each line is correct. You’d be surprised how many entries we get where the rhyme scheme is dodgy, there are more (or less) than five lines, or the number of feet in each line is wrong. The best tip I can give you is always to read your limerick aloud and beat time with your hand while you do so. This should highlight flaws and help you put them right.

Anthony wins a Writers Bureau course (he’s already chosen the Art of Writing Poetry) and £100 in cash.

Joint second place goes to Jessica Hemming and Mike Greenhough.  They each win £50 and 12 months’ subscription to The Association of Freelance Writers I’m not going to include their winning entries here – but keep your eye on our competition website as they’ll be appearing there shortly, as will details of our next Short Story Competition.

Some of you may recognise Mike Greenhough’s name – yes, he was the winner of last year’s Limerick Competition. He writes terrific limericks and we’re certainly not going to penalise someone because they won a prize in a previous competition. In fact, next week he’s going to be providing a guest blog on the subject of writing humorous verse of this kind.

Before I finish, though, I’d just like to bring your attention to the subject of ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers). If you’re with a professional publisher they should take care of this for you.  But if you’ve written a book, intend to self-publish and hope to sell it in either bookshops or online as an e-book then it’s your responsibility to obtain one. And it is important because this unique number makes sure that each book is identifiable and means that sales can be monitored.

The registration agency – Nielson – are aiming to make the process of obtaining one simpler and you can now buy online.  Just visit their website at www.nielsenisbnstore.com where there’s a fuller explanation of why you need an ISBN and details of how to go about obtaining one (or more).

Until next week…




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