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Life Support

September 9th, 2011

amandajohnblogIt’s so important to have a support network, for each area of your life. As a parent, I know that it’s vital to have friends with children, who are happy to listen to you moan about lack of sleep and turn a blind eye when you arrive at their house in odd shoes. Likewise, a big part of working life is camaraderie between colleagues and motivation (and, if you’re lucky, mentorship) from your employer.

A Solitary Career

As a writer, it’s easy to feel a little neglected when it comes to professional support. No-one’s there to dangle an incentive or offer you a bonus if you hit your target word-count. There’s no co-worker sitting opposite to bring you a cheer-up coffee if you’re having a rubbish day. Your spouse is quite likely to view your work as a “hobby” and awaits the first million-pound cheque before being drawn into a serious conversation about your credentials as an author.

Support Network

This is why you need to get to know other writers! They know what it feels like to read a hundred rejection letters before the triumph of an acceptance, can commiserate when the words aren’t flowing, and are probably as keen as you are to have a real-life conversation (having also only had their PC monitor for company all day). The only tricky thing is finding them! Luckily for Writer’s Bureau students, there are hundreds of other, like-minded writers willing to offer their support through the student forum page of the website. If you’re stuck for inspiration, don’t understand an assignment or just need a chat, there’s always someone there to offer a proverbial shoulder to cry on and suggest a solution. Likewise, it’s a friendly place to share any successes and find inspiration from others’ achievements.

Biography: Amanda S. John is a Writer’s Bureau student and author of fiction and food and lifestyle articles. She is based in rural Leicestershire, where she lives with her husband and two young sons.



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