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Libraries Week

October 11th, 2019

This week (7th to 12th October) is Libraries Week and the theme this year is Celebrating Libraries in a Digital World. I think that anything that raises the profile of libraries, supports their work and brings the public’s attention to them is great. When I go into my own library it’s great to see the computer access they provide to people that might otherwise struggle to apply for jobs and benefits and the kind advice that staff often offer. Also, I really value the fact that I can borrow books from the library direct to my Kindle if I don’t have time to pop in, or I run out of reading matter in the middle of the night.

On their site they say: Libraries Week 2019 will celebrate and explore how libraries are engaging communities through technology, building digital skills and confidence, encouraging digital participation and inclusion, supporting health, wellbeing and education and supporting local business and enterprise.

Libraries have to move with the times if they are to stay relevant, but let’s not forget that the primary purpose of our local libraries should still be to supply books – paper books, audio books and digital books – for those who want to read them. It’s unfortunate then that there’s no mention of this in their mission statement!

I couldn’t resist the following call for material, considering the name of the company. The mouth-watering Stewed Rhubarb Press are currently looking for submissions for publication in 2020 and early 2021. Their window for receiving your work is from 1st October until Sunday 27th October and they are looking for the following:

Poetry pamphlets (20-25 pages)

Full poetry collections (50-70 pages)

Novellas (20-40,000 words)

Full submission guidelines are on their website if you ‘re actively seeking publication for any of the above.

Earlier this year Gransnet and Harper Collins joined forces for a writing competition for novel-length fiction from unpublished women writers aged over forty. Plus the leading character had to be over forty. Apparently Gransnet readers think there are not enough books out there with oldies taking the lead. This is bonkers! I read various writing magazines every month and there are loads of interviews with writers (male and female) over that age. Library shelves are packed with their books. And do they really see forty as old? Rubbish! So for me, they lose on both counts. I don’t like discrimination in any form and this strikes me as discrimination against men plus implying that 40 is ‘old’(there are many mums at that age, never mind grans) is simply daft.

My guest next week is Sim Smailes who won second prize in our recent poetry competition with The Hotline To Hell. He’ll be providing some tips on how to increase your chances of success in poetry competitions.

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