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What Kind of Writing Career can I Have?

February 13th, 2013

You’re working really hard on your course and now you are wondering what kind of career you can realistically have. Well, let us show you. Below are the stories of some Writers Bureau students who are doing rather well thank you very much! They are making a living from writing in many different areas, but we’ll start with those who are making a name in novel writing:

Christina Jones

Hazel McHaffie

Jane Issac

Pamela Sinha

The winner of the 2013 Writer of the Year has made article and non-fiction book writing a satisfying new career for herself:

Hannah Evans

And here are two writers who turned their hobbies into lucrative careers writing articles for on and offline magazines:

Simon Platt

Sally Gutteridge

Fancy spending time travelling and writing about your experiences for a living? These two students have done just that, carving careers for themselves in travel writing:

Cindy-Lou Dale

Tim Skelton

Next is a guy who’s made a real splash in writing and copywriting, with an Editor-in-Chief position to boot:

Justin Tonna

And another who’s started his own copywriting business:

Mike Robinson
Writing for Children is a difficult genre to crack, but these two stories will show you it is entirely possible. Angela even has a theme park based on her story, Hobbledown:

Cynthia John

Angela Kecojevic

And these stories represent only a small portion of the students achieving publishing success with our courses. You can see more in our success forum .

So, for those of you who think writing courses are a scam, there’s the proof that they are most certainly not! Well at least ours isn’t – I can’t speak for all the others out there. And if you want to do well in any profession, and writing is, after all, a profession with rules and expectations like any other, you need to learn the dos and do nots. That’s what creative writing courses are for!

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