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Keeping It Fresh

February 1st, 2021

I’ve been a writer for most of my life,  writing  after being bullied at school and putting  my ordeal down in a story. I then realised I had a gift; something my late Mum noticed and encouraged.

I never felt as though I was qualified enough as a writer to be able to give out advice or tips as Ii wasn’t published and assumed you had to be. Until recently that is.

It was when I read someone’s question regarding their website. It was stale, and how could they make it better, or should they just ‘let it go’? I came to their rescue, and without realising it I offered up some tips.

I also felt fed up with my site but needed it to showcase my writing. So an idea hit me: look at other writers’ sites and see what they offered. Then, if you liked it enough, re-work it for your own site or if that wasn’t possible, then contact the writer and ask for permission to use their format.

I’ve done the same myself: looked at others, re-worked content and when it wasn’t possible asked for permission to use the same format.

I’ve now managed to fill most days, with new things, and also revamped the site a little  to give it a fresher look and once I’ve got it all sorted my brand new site will be ready for the world!

As for the person in question, it gave them tons of ideas and I’m happy to report they also are revamping their site ready for it to take the world by storm!

I now realise I don’t have to be a published writer to give advice to others; my experience has made me qualified enough to give it and that feels great.

Happy writing guys!


My name is Sharon, and I am a freelance writer in the UK. I started writing at an early age supported by my late Mum. I have had several articles published in various magazines and online and hope to have my first book published next year. My website is : sharonharveywebsite.wordpress.com





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