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Keeping in Contact with your Contacts

October 12th, 2012

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ Agree?

louise and berriesOften, in my writing career, my contacts have led to my success.

So, one of my philosophies is, ‘Keep in contact with your contacts’.

And always let them know how much you value their help/input/commissions/bookings.

When you have work in progress, keep a note of all those people connected with it. Carefully document their details and keep these permanently on computer or on indexed cards, to easily and speedily access them. You may think it’s unlikely you’ll interview them or submit work again, but your contacts may move elsewhere, and if you’ve nurtured good business relationships, perhaps they’ll commission you again or recommend you to others.

Also you may wish to revisit the subject/destination. In August, I revisited Jersey and the same PR facilitated this as on my first visit, eight years ago! And she remembered me – a bonus.

I enjoy connecting with contacts within social networking. Also, emailing, texting and Skyping are valuable. But I believe it’s more important to speak and meet – a face to face greeting beats anything.

I email contacts at their festival time, including my photo and contact details. At networking/writing/travel/public speaking events, I ensure that I connect with previous contacts as well as nurturing new ones.

Always make sure that those who’ve helped you see the result of their help by thanking them and sending the published work to them. And you can also keep in touch by congratulating them on their successes. Be interested in their lives and what they’re doing and offer help, if applicable.

When I return from a travel commission, I touch base with, and thank my contacts and feed back information about the visit, before I write my article.

My top professional writing contact is Iain Pattison. I consider him to be my writing guru and always trust his unfailing expertise, advice and guidance. And Diana Nadin is one of my top contacts. Because I appreciate how much The Writers’ Bureau helped in my career, I enjoy keeping in contact with her. And after we last met, she commissioned this blog!

I’m an award-winning writer, photographer, public speaker, judge and tutor.

See my work and contact me from www.louisecahill.co.uk.

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