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Blogging is important for a serious writer

January 14th, 2011


‘My teacher said that during the blitz his dad saw the spirit of a dead vicar’, my daughter told me. ‘He was standing on the roof of a chapel.’

‘Really? Was he scared?’ I asked.

‘Nah. I think he was a psycho or something.’

‘Don’t you mean psychic, Mo’, I answered and made a mental note to write about word usage on my blog. With just one word, a well-loved teacher could’ve been raised by a psycho.

Interesting or amusing snippets like the above have now become recordable – describable. This is because blogging has been part of my daily (almost) exercise for more than five years. I never run out of anecdotes or lessons because when research becomes tedious, I can always – and do – fall back on the mundane things in life. Even the act of giving old things a new or different perspective presents a personal writing challenge for me.

Nowadays blogging is almost a pre-requisite for a serious writer. Personally, it enables me to write with abandon, not limited by an in-house style except the one I choose, which I can ditch whenever it ceases to please me. I write for a targeted audience every day. Rejection letters are significantly mitigated when a commentator leaves a message on one of my blogs saying how much she/he has learned from my well-researched post.

I blog not only because I make a little money from my sites, but because doing so makes me, my work, and my style, searchable from anywhere on earth. I blog because when a potential employer/publisher asks to see a sample of my work, I can send them a link to one of my sites and say, here’s what I do and this is how long I’ve been doing it. This is what others have been saying about me, and this is the height of the platform I’ve already built.

And do you know what I’ll do the very day I receive my generous, advance-paying writing contract? I’ll blog about it!

Anne Lyken-Garner is a freelance writer. Her latest book, ‘A Model’s Guide to Losing Weight Without Dieting’ is now available.

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