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Have You Heard Of ‘Up Lit’?

November 24th, 2017

Last week I commented on the fact that Ian Rankin had been quoted as saying that readers were turning away from grittier topics and looking for something more ‘kind and gentle’. I rather pooh poohed this idea so I was surprised when I read an article in the December issue of Writing Magazine by Margaret James. She was discussing what genres had been popular this year and looking ahead to what editors would be looking for in 2018.

She actually used a term I wasn’t familiar with – ‘up lit’. If I hadn’t seen it in the context of a writing magazine I would probably have thought it was something to do with interior design. I’m familiar with ‘chick lit’ and ‘lad lit’ but this one was new to me. Apparently, it’s optimistic storytelling that is supposed to leave us feeling cheered up rather than depressed. In other words, lots of light at the end of the tunnel. 2018 is tipped as the year of empathy and kindness! Dare I say ‘Bah, humbug’?

While we’re on the subject, I’d just like to remind you that if you join The Association of Freelance Writers, in addition to all the other lovely benefits, you can get half price subscription to Writing Magazine, saving you £18.99 immediately. Do have a look at The Association website, membership offers great value for money and comes with lots of benefits for both new and established writers.

And, if you’re struggling to come up with an appropriate Christmas present for the writer in your life, how about buying a year’s subscription for them? Just order online or call us on 0161 819 9922. If you’re like me, you’re racking your brains at the moment trying to think of presents that are desirable but original; so another suggestion would be a voucher for our Review and Appraisal service. You can buy one for as little or as much as you like, allowing  the recipient to have poems, a short story or part of their work in progress appraised by one of our expert tutors. If it sets them on the road to writing success it will have been priceless (and they’ll probably love you for life). Again, just give us a call to discuss it.

Before I go, just a final quick reminder. For current members of The Association of Freelance Writers your free-to-enter short story competition (maximum 2000 words) closes on 30th November. For everyone else, the Writers Bureau annual Flash Fiction Competition closes on the same day. So, there’s still time to enter either – and to those who have already sent their stories (long or short) I’d like to say good luck!




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