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Whatever Makes You Happy

January 6th, 2020

The very first thing I want to say to you is a rather belated ‘Happy New Year’! I hope that 2020 will be happy, healthy and, of course, good for your writing.

In my last post before we finished for Christmas, I said I’d be considering New Year resolutions, but I’ve actually decided that I’m going to break with tradition and not make any this year. Instead I’m going to try something different.

You’ve probably heard about the idea that each night before you go to sleep you try to think of three things that have happened during the day that made you feel grateful. Well I’m going to try and do something different; each week I’m going to think of three things that make me happy. And I’m going to make them simple things – things that don’t cost a fortune. It’s a way of reminding myself of how good life can be, despite all the pressures we face and the worrying things we see in the news.  I’ve chosen these to start with:  going for a walk on a sunny, windy day; a visit to the seaside when the waves are rough; beans-on-toast when I’m really hungry. Couldn’t be simpler, but just thinking about them puts me in a better mood.

Now, for those of you looking for a publisher, I’d like to pass on something I read recently in Link Magazine, published by NAWG (National Association of Writers Groups).  One of their readers recommended a small publishing company – Fantastic Books Publishing.  He says they are “friendly, co-operative and supportive” and although their name implies a focus on fantasy and sci-fi, this isn’t exclusively what they publish. Apparently they donate 10% of royalties from all their publications to a charity of the author’s choice, and the remainder is split 50:50 between themselves and the author.

But if you don’t feel they’d be right for you, then why not consider the Indie Press Guide (3rd edition), published by mslexia. It provides details of over 600 literary magazines and presses. All entries are classified by genre, and include details such as: how to submit; fees and prices; production standards and contact details.

I know you can probably get all this information yourself free online, but you have to spend time doing it – and if it’s OK for cooks to make life easier for themselves by ‘cheating’ (Nadia, Nigella…) then why shouldn’t you? It just leaves you with more time to write.

If you have made New Year resolutions and already broken them, don’t worry. Why not just go along with me and sit for a few minutes each  week thinking about what makes you happy – and then go for it!

Author: Diana Nadin


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