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Guide to Selling Your Writing Online

May 24th, 2020

The freelance market is rapidly growing. More and more people are switching to freelancing and becoming independent specialists. Especially today, with a dangerous pandemic reigning over the world, more people are choosing  to work remotely than ever before,  as they distance themselves socially.

For others, who cannot do their jobs from home, this is the time to try and earn money from practicing the skills they have and maybe switch to a full-time freelance career in the future.

So here is a brief guide to earning money from your writing  and selling your work  online.

Step #1: Set Up Your Online Portfolio

To start selling your writing online, you first need to grow your online presence as a professional.

So, before you contact any of the online magazines or publishers, create a place where all your work can be showcased – your online writer’s portfolio. In this portfolio, you can share your previous projects as well as the testimonials from your clients. Your writer’s portfolio will also be the primary medium through which all your future clients will contact you.

If you’re just starting your career path as a freelance writer, you can upload all your projects to your writer’s profile. But as you keep growing professionally, you’ll need to single out the topics you are most interested in to make your portfolio more specialized.

You can also use your portfolio to start a blog. “Our research shows that freelance writers who curate personal blogs have 40% more offers”, says Martin Harris, a researcher at Flatfy. Having a blog can especially benefit the beginners, who don’t have much writing experience and don’t have projects to showcase.

Step #2: Create a Specialized Profile

Apart from launching your writer’s profile, you can benefit from an additional source of projects and set up a profile on one of the platforms for freelancers.

If you’re just at the beginning of your career path as a freelance writer, picking up writing projects from such platforms can help you build your writer’s profile. There, you can focus on your writing and build research skills, which will come in handy later on as you develop as a professional.

The trick to getting yourself noticed is to create a specialized profile where all your clients will be able to see your writing skill level, your projects, your portfolio, and testimonials from your clients. With a specialized profile, you will appear in custom search more often, and it will help you get clients, whose projects fit your specialization.

You might want to read the article 15 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Jobs. It’s interesting and gives you some ideas but do be careful, as it says in the introduction. As well as exposure you also want legitimate paid work, which puts money in the bank!

Step #3: Grow Your Network

To get your writing noticed, you need to expand your reach and grow your network. Besides your writer’s portfolio and a specialized profile on a freelancing platform, make sure you are active on social networks, like LinkedIn, where you can connect with potential clients.

Keep Improving Your Skill! To start selling your writing online, you need to make sure your writing  is strong enough. You also need to develop your own writing style that will represent you as a professional and will get you recognized over time.


Ryan is a passionate writer who likes sharing his thoughts and experience with the readers. Currently, he works as content editor and internet researcher at https://hu.flatfy.com . He likes everything related to traveling and new countries.


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