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Gizza Job!

December 22nd, 2014

jobs_BlogA friend of ours got a new job last week – Senior Copywriter for one of the big banks. I’m not sure what the salary is, but it’s more than her last post (also copywriting) and comes with all the perks of full-time employment – holiday pay; sickness benefits; pension plan, etc. Understandably, she’s delighted, and though she’s not planning a mansion on Millionaires’ Row just yet, she may well take an extra holiday some time in the new year.

I was really pleased hearing her news but, I must admit, it gave me a bit of a wobble too. I haven’t had a full-time job for years and, though I’m probably too set in my ways to change tack now, all that security and a regular wage seems very … comforting. I even went so far as having a sniff about online to see what’s out there. It was quite an eye-opener. In just fifteen minutes I found two great websites and over a dozen really interesting leads.

The first site was Indeed, an internet employment agency advertising all sorts of work from Van Driver to Lecturer in Oral Health Sciences. To my amazement, this site had pages and pages (I gave up at 12) of jobs for writers. Everything from Script Editor at the BBC to Investment Writers in the City of London and a Geography Resource Writer in Sheffield – £150,000 – £300,000 a year.

The next site was even more of a surprise – Gumtree, the UK’s online market place. Here, amongst some twenty five ads for travel, cultural, lifestyle and technical writers, was this gem: ‘Budding author required to assist in compiling a book about the exploits and adventures of a Cheshire female, formally employed by a high class and exclusive escort agency.’ I did, momentarily, consider following that one up but, on reflection, I don’t think my good lady wife would be very impressed.

Now, I saw lots of  other websites and online agencies, but what I liked about Indeed and Gumtree was that you don’t have to pay any money to get their information. Of course, being based in the UK, I was just looking for jobs local to me at first. But the Writers Bureau has students in many parts of the English speaking world, so I had a look round for you guys too. In Uganda, Ugandanfreelancer.com looked like a good place to start, whilst in Nigeria, Jobrapido.com looked pretty good. In India, Naukri.com seemed to have some good leads ,and in the USA I found myself back with Indeed (U.S. specific version of the site.)

There you have it, then. Just follow the links from this blog or search ‘writing jobs’ then your country’s name, and see what comes up. Whether you’re after full, part-time or freelance work, there’s loads out there. So go get some, and …

Keep on writing!


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