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Never Give Up – Part II

July 20th, 2017

First, thanks to Storm for last week’s blog and I’ve taken the liberty of calling this post Never Give Up – Part II because I have really carried on the theme.

I’ve done this because I thought she brought up a number of interesting points. First, if you really feel you are a writer, then you should never give up – no matter whether you are forced to take time away from your writing because of family/work commitments or ill health; whether you get writer’s block or whether you’re just discouraged because you’ve been receiving rejections. You can survive all of these and come back to your writing stronger and more enthusiastic. Trust me!

Next, not all of us have relations who are writers and who we try to emulate as Storm did with her mother. However, I suspect most of us have people (whether journalist or novelists) who we revere, but trying to write like them doesn’t always work, as we all have our own personality and style. This may be holding you back; so take a deep breath and try writing like…yourself! Find your own niche.

Finally, I do admire Storm’s commitment to helping the next generation with The Young Writers Newsletter. If you hope to get something from your writing, then it’s good to put something back.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I have a ‘reading list’. So where do I get my ideas? The answer is obviously ‘everywhere’, but there are some sources that I use more than others. First, I use the Sunday Times ‘Culture’ section. They always have a few pages of book reviews plus top bestseller lists for both fiction and non-fiction. Last week I culled ‘10 best summer reads’ from the Sunday Telegraph – there were some really tempting suggestions there! But the supplements published by any of the broadsheets at weekend are usually a gold mine.

Incidentally, try not to get fixed in your ideas. My reading of choice on a Sunday is The Times but every couple of months I try something different. I might not always like what I get but at least it gives me a different perspective on the both the real and literary worlds!;

I also use recommendations that I see in Writing Magazine – there are usually plenty to go at. And, if you join the Association of Freelance Writers you can get half price subscription to Writing Magagzine for the first 12 months. This means you pay £24.99 to join The AFW but can make an immediate saving of £20 on your magazine subscription! Plus members of The AFW get lots of other benefits such as a membership card, free-to-enter writing competitions, discounts on a range of services and the choice of free online courses.

Finally, don’t forget that our Limerick Competition will soon be entering its final week (the closing date is 31st July). So if you’re still mulling over your entries, now’s the time to send them in if you want to be sure of catching the deadline.

My guest next week is Maria Barrett who has written 10 best-selling novels, translated into 15 languages. And if you find her ideas inspiring, she’ll be running a course at the Maison du Guit in South West France from 3-9 September this year.


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