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Never Give Up

July 14th, 2017

Writing is like everything else in life, you have to start somewhere. Just get writing, whether it’s on the computer or a notepad or even the back of an envelope. My best poem was written on the back of one as I was waiting for the breakdown recovery man.

Do you remember when you were at school, on your first day of term teacher asked you to write a story called ‘what I did on my holidays,’ how many of us wrote fiction or non-fiction? Looking through old school books is quite inspirational. Many stories seem to be quite interesting and certainly worth a rewrite and bringing up to date.

Do you have pets or children? They are all good subjects to write about and many people use dreams as a basis for a story. I write a journal when I travel, as my mother did, giving endless ideas for stories both fictional and non-fiction. Something as simple as a delayed flight or a disastrous hotel can have stories woven through them. Remember to acknowledge pre-published work or someone else’s ideas otherwise there may be a copyright issue, this is also required with photographs and sketches. Most people do not mind you using their work if it is recognised as theirs and not yours but if you can, always check with the author. If you are quoting from a historical publication often the copyright is no longer an issue and it will state if it is in the public domain.

Does writing run in your family, and are you trying to follow the same path? My mother was an author and journalist and when I was starting to write for publication I tried to follow what she had done. Although I had some articles published in a similar vein it was clear to me that I was struggling and becoming frustrated when it became obvious that I needed to find my own path and ideas. Just because a relative is successful does not mean to say that you can do the same with a positive outcome.

After several false starts I have now found my niche in the writing world. It is unique to me and through hard work and persistence it is paying off. You can find me at www.thewritersnewsletter.com  which I publish once a month on-line. It is a selection of stories, articles and poems from different authors along with book promotions and quizzes. Recently I started www.theyoungwritersnewsletter.com  along the same lines to help anyone 18 and under with their writing. Every month I also like to highlight a charity or worthy cause associated with writing and books. Both sites are worldwide and contributions come from all continents.

So, you can see it’s not all about writing that best seller – there are other avenues to explore with your writing. So, good luck and don’t give up.


Storm’s early life was on the farm, where her father was working as a herdsman, having taken a break from acting to be with her while she grew up. Her mother, a writer and author of 16 books, worked as a journalist and broadcaster for 70 years.

After the first 25 years of country life Storm took an office job where she learned how to type and file! Encouraged to write about her frequent trips to America she was first published in 1986. Always wanting to write, but not always having the opportunity, she managed to have more articles and stories published. Taking several courses with The Writers Bureau encouraged her to keep going.

Setting up The Writers Newsletter (an online E-Magazine) last September following a brief editorship for an online writing group she has watched it go from strength to strength; it is now worldwide and has been exceptionally well received.  There is also a junior newsletter for under-18s. This, she says, is now her life’s work – to help and encourage writers and make information about writing and books easily accessible to all.

Storm can be contacted through The Writers Newsletter (http://www.thewritersnewsletter.com   or its Facebook Page.



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