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Food For Thought

May 24th, 2013

First, thanks to Jackie for last week’s insight into the working of editors’ minds. Not always something that’s easy to understand!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Patricia McCarthy who won first prize in the National Poetry Competition with Clothing that Escaped the Great War. I must confess to a fascination with World War I and I’ve just returned from a trip to the battlefields fought across in that conflict. After visiting the Ypres Salient, where gas was used for the first time in 1915, and some of the memorials to soldiers – on both sides – that died on the Somme, I can now understand why so much wonderful and harrowing poetry came out of the conflict.

I’ve always found the poetry of Robert Graves, Wilfred Owen, George McCrae et al moving, but after seeing grainy black and white photos and reading eye-witness accounts, Dulce Et Decorum Est and In Flanders Fields were brought to stark and horrifying life.

And now for something much more cheerful but still close to my heart – food and drink! The Jeremy Mogford Prize for Food and Drink creative Writing 2014 is now open for entries. The prize is a whopping £7500 (plenty to get your teeth into there) and entry is free. Your story (fiction or non-fiction) can be up to 2500 words long but food or drink has to be at the heart of the tale. You’ve still plenty of time to enter as the closing date is 1st October.

My guest blogger next week is Iain Pattison – the man you need to impress if you want to stand any chance of being one of the winners in our annual short story competition. He’ll being giving his views on what plot themes you should avoid – the hackneyed ones that come up time after time. And, as I usually read through most of the stories that are entered each year I can tell you that what he has to say is spot on!

So, if you are still considering entering this year’s competition – the closing date is 30th June – read his advice carefully before sending your entry.



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