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January 26th, 2015

Fireworks-blogHey, I’ve made an album! All my own songs. I played most of the instruments too. It took a year to record, and we did the final session last Tuesday. So that’s it – job done. I’ve just got to sell the thing now and … oomph! … there I am, back to Earth with a bump.

Seems like polishing off an album is just like finishing a collection of poems, a set of stories, or a novel. After all the great creative work, you have to get down to business. Should you release the thing yourself (self-publish)? Or try for a record company (publisher)? Who’ll do the artwork? Should you get a stock of hard copies made, or just go digital? And what about marketing?

It would be nice to have a bit of guidance but, sadly, one of the major differences between the worlds of music and writing is the transparency of the respective industries. I mean, say you’d finished a novel, and wanted to know what to do with it, you’d go straight for the Writers and Artists Yearbook, wouldn’t you? There’d be lists of publishers and agents, with contact details and notes on how best to approach them. You’d be able to develop a strategy, a list of your own and, though none of it would guarantee success, at least you’d have a plan. When it comes to my album, I’m just muddling along. There’s no guide book. Which makes me wonder why no one’s put one together yet – I’d certainly have a copy.

For writers of fiction though, The Writers and Artists Yearbook is a fantastic resource. If you haven’t already been there, you really should take a look at their website: www.writers&artists.co.uk, it’s jam-packed with all sorts of great articles: How to Finish Your First Novel; Understanding Copyright and Licensing; The Roles and Functions of Agents and Publishers; Self-Publishing … there’s announcements of events and workshops, and they’re even running a short story competition – right now – closing date is 15 February, and there’s no entrance fee! I’d put something in myself, but the text limit is 2,000 words and I struggle to be that concise.

If you fancy hearing a bit of my album, I’ve put a video up on Youtube and a couple of songs on Soundcloud. And, who knows, now I’ve got a taste for finishing things, maybe I’ll get round to wrapping up that old trilogy of mine – then I could actually start taking advantage of all this great advice.

Keep on writing!phil-blog-sig




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