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Finished writing your novel? Then it’s time to get competitive!

April 23rd, 2014

So, you’ve done the hard part. You’ve finally finished writing your novel and you have a finished manuscript that you can be proud of. You’ve drafted, redrafted, edited and polished until you’re positive it’s the best it can possibly be.

Firstly – well done! You’ve already achieved more than most people do, but why stop there?

It might be that traditional publishing routes fill you with dread. Sending out queries to agents and publishers can seem like a full time job sometimes – especially if it feels like you’re getting nowhere. And self-publishing, as easy as it sounds, can be just as taxing when you realise that the marketing and promotional work is all down to you. It’s easy to see why so many novels sit in desk drawers and never see the light of day!

But, never fear, there is still hope! Every year, there are more and more competitions designed to open doors for aspiring novelists, and the best part is that they’re exclusively for new writers. That means that the people you’re up against are just like you, and you have as much chance of winning as anyone else. So dust off that manuscript and let it see the light of day again – you have nothing to lose.

For starters, why not take a look at the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award? Earlier this week, they announced this year’s quarter finalists. These lucky finalists are all in the running for a fantastic $50,000 publishing deal, and all they had to do was enter. How easy is that?

And if you’ve missed the boat on this year’s competitions, don’t panic! These are annual competitions that will start to accept entries for 2015 later this year. That gives you a few more months to whip your novel into shape and make any last minute changes.

Good luck!


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