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Finding Your Own Writing Niche

August 29th, 2014

I began writing many years ago now – after completing the Writers Bureau course. I first found success in magazines and had a range of articles published on a variety of subjects. Then I had three books on horticulture published as well as courses written for colleges to help students study towards horticultural qualifications – so the markets are varied.

My latest and most successful foray has been into the world of jazz music where I have two columns in one magazine and one in another.
They say write about what you know and this is very true. I began writing about the jazz scene two years ago and have not really looked back, although I keep my hand in with other markets of course.

Jazz music is a passion and something I know a little about so my first suggestion was to the editor of an online magazine. He liked the idea – a review of a free form band who were playing together after a 20 year hiatus. He also liked the finished piece and before I knew it I was being asked to write for other online magazines. First, the work took more time than I really had spare and it was unpaid but then it began to pay off. I found another route which I did not know existed. Many music agents want exposure for their artists and will approach writers, offering a fee if you can get their artists placed in certain magazines with big online readerships; so this is where I am currently at.

This is a very niche market but one which is hugely rewarding. You have to produce readable articles, they have to be written from the heart, tailored to each magazines readership and you have to know your subject and the people you write about. It began slowly but now I regularly get asked to review shows, attend gigs and simply talk to and profile some great musicians. Once the pieces get published I sometimes get approached by other editors and agents with a view to working with their artists. I can now choose to a great extent who I work with.

The advice I would give is first, know your subject, second be patient. In this line of writing you also have to be discreet. It takes a while to discern each market and what should actually go to print because musicians will often open their hearts to you but forget you are writing for world-wide publication.

The benefits, as I said, are amazing – I find myself interviewing many famous musicians and asking questions fans have had for a long time. I am an honorary member of a very well-known band because I wrote with them. I even help some musicians come back into the scene after being away by raising their presence a little.
Most of all, I get to work with dedicated, amazing people which, for anyone, let alone a writer, has to be the best thing in the world.


Written By Susan Stephenson – Writers Bureau Tutor

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