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Finding Markets For Your Work

November 27th, 2020

If you’re currently struggling with looking for markets to write for, you’re not alone. I’ve been there.

My nemesis was Assignment 8 of the Comprehensive Writing Course. I was adjusting to life after an embolism in my aortic valve, so concentrating was hard. Assignment 8 seemed impossible when I couldn’t even dress myself let alone find someone to interview for a magazine.

With heart surgery imminent I needed to rethink ways of finding markets without leaving home. And I did. I even went on to get Assignment 8 published in a magazine. So the aim of this blog is to share my tips with you.


If you’re finding magazines expensive to buy, check if your library offers digital services like partnering with RBDigital for free access to magazines. Mine does, so I get to read ones currently held in the National Library of Wales. However, if you want a greater choice Readly.com is a paid alternative which allows members to add family and friend profiles too.

Your library might also partner with BorrowBox giving you free access to thousands of fiction and non-fiction eBooks and audio books. Great for research!

Don’t underestimate social media. The People’s Friend do a writing hour every Tuesday on Twitter and are more than happy for new writers to send submissions of fiction and non-fiction work.

If you follow blogs check if they offer guest blogger submissions. Even if they are unpaid it’s a good way to gain new readership for your work, just add your links.

Create a free account on Zealous – you’ll get a writer profile and can search for writing opportunities for their clients.

Essay writing is huge on the internet – from 100 words to those of 5000+ Look closely at the submission guidelines, especially regarding payment.

Email friends/family/groups/businesses in your area who may need newsletters/web content written.

In your course material you may find a link to the Christopher Fielden website. Use it. He publishes numerous anthologies so is always looking for material, plus he runs a Facebook Writing Group that you can join.

Follow all links in the course material, many are open for submissions.

Subscribe to a writing magazine. Most have competition guides, global market writing opportunities and there’s always the readers’ letter pages. New subscribers to Writing Magazine can claim the Writers’ & Artists’ 2021 Yearbook for free. Alternatively, if you don’t want that, you can get your first year’s subscription for half-price if you are a member of the Association of Freelance Writers (annual subscription £24.99).

Enter Competitions. I regularly enter #FuriousFiction – 55 hours to write 500 words on a set premise. I’ve never won, BUT, I’ve now got a stash of stories I can use elsewhere with some editing.

Start your own blog, Facebook, Blogger.com and some WordPress blogs are free and easy to use. Message me if you want help setting one up.


Getting published can be tricky, but not impossible. I hope these tips work as well for you as they do me.  Keep an open mind, stay strong. You’ve got this.

Incidentally for Assignment 8, I wrote about Sea Fishing. Something I knew nothing about. I researched online, interviewed my nephew by emailing him a set of specific questions and a query submission to the magazine using Facebook Messenger.


Amanda Jane Davies was born in St David’s, the UK’s smallest city. She now resides in South Pembrokeshire.

Recently, she’s been focusing on her WB coursework and producing web content and newsletters for a freelance photographer and for local groups. She’s also a guest blogger on gardening websites.

You can contact her on https://www.facebook.com/3000reads  where she’s following Raymond Bradbury’s advice to read an essay, a poem and a short story every night for a thousand nights.  Drop her a line.


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