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Seven Essential Tips for Selling Your Kindle Book

August 15th, 2014

I published my e-book, ‘The Dark Side – Real Life Accounts of an NHS Paramedic’ on Kindle 18 months ago. I’m proud to say that I’ve sold approximately 3,500-4,000 copies to date. Since publication, it has never been out of the top ten best sellers list in the Allied Health Professionals sub-genre, often taking the number one position.  It has remained in the top 40,000 in the UK Kindle charts for the majority of the past 18 months and continues to sell on a daily basis. I published ‘The Dark Side, Part 2’ a few weeks ago and that is already selling just as well.

So, how did I do it? These are my tips:

1. Spend time thinking of a fantastic title. It took many hours of thought before I picked as my title ‘The Dark Side’. It is an unofficial term used by paramedics which sums up the often grim and sombre situations they face. It is also an intriguing title which draws potential customers in to take a ‘Look Inside’ the book – the first step to purchasing it.

2. Have your book’s cover professionally designed. Your book’s cover is absolutely essential to your writing success. Catch the reader’s eye and you are halfway to a sale.

3. Write great content. This is not strictly a tip – it’s blatantly obvious!

4. Have your manuscript edited, proofread and polished by a professional. The emphasis is on the word ‘professional’ here – not a friend or relative! Poor spelling, grammar and punctuation will bring negative reviews which will stop people buying your book.

5. Have the blurb professionally written. My editor, also a copy-writer, was undoubtedly the best qualified person to write my books’ product descriptions. He had meticulously worked through them several times so he knew exactly what they were about.

6. Have your book professionally formatted. A digital formatting specialist will give you the peace of mind that your book’s readability, from a formatting perspective, cannot be criticised.

7. Advertise and Market your book. When I released my first book, I had no idea how best to promote it. So I enrolled on the Writers Bureau ‘How to Market Your Book’ course. I now have more knowledge, information, contacts, ideas, organisational and time management skills than I could ever have wished for. After completing just half of the course to date, I’ve had a professional website designed; online advertisements placed on websites relevant to my books’ content and target audience; I’ve been included in an e-newsletter that was emailed to over 100,000 people whose professions are relevant to my books’ genre. I’ve also been asked to provide guest blog posts and have two magazines interested in doing an editorial on me and my books. Without the information acquired from studying the course, I am certain I would never have achieved any of the above!


To read more about the author of this blog, please visit: www.andythompson-author.com

The Dark Side- Real Life Accounts of an NHS Paramedic: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BCVF6G4

The Dark Side – Part Two: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dark-Side-Part-Paramedic-Traumatic-ebook/dp/B00L4CKWWO/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1403197017&sr=8-8&keywords=andy+thompson


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