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Editorial Calendars

December 18th, 2013

This week I’m going to cover something you should be thinking about for the New Year – Editorial Calendars!

You may never have heard of these, but they can be an invaluable resource for any writer. They are a schedule of the topics the magazine intends to use over the coming year and are usually produced for advertisers. But, you can surely see how useful that could be to you as a writer, can’t you?

You’ve, essentially, got a list that shows you what to write articles about. This gives you a distinct advantage over those who are simply analysing the magazine and sending in proposed articles on spec. You can actually target your articles to specific issues of the magazine and say so in your query letter. This makes the editor’s job so much easier and, you know what, he’ll love you for it!

So, how do you get hold of editorial calendars? Easy, you visit the website of the magazine you are interested in and check the media pack. Media packs are gold-mines of information! They contain details of the age group, circulation, readership, gender split, economic situation of average reader, lifestyle trends and the magazine’s ethos, as well as many other facts which can help you target your writing to the magazine’s core readership. All this gives you a much better chance of success with the editor – it shows you really know his publication and have tried to make your article fit his market the best you can.

If the calendar is not in the media pack, you can contact the advertising department and ask them to send you one. Simple!

So, next year you don’t have to rack your brains thinking of topics to cover, just consult your calendar and give the editor what he wants.

Have fun if you get a holiday over Christmas and come back refreshed and ready to write in 2014!


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