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Could You Be The Next Edgar Wallace?

April 28th, 2017

As usual, thanks to Colin for last week’s blog. I already knew quite a lot about Edgar Wallace – poet, crime reporter,  war correspondent, playwright, Hollywood screenwriter and director – but I had no idea that he was credited with being the author behind King Kong and co-creator of the first (and arguably the best) film. He was born into poverty in the UK – his first job, aged 11, was selling newspapers in Ludgate Circus. Despite being such a prolific and famous author who earned a fortune during his lifetime, he died owning millions!

This week I’ve got one or two interesting things to tell you about. The first is that we’re currently offering £25 off our short Fiction Writing Course. The offer is only available until 30th April, so you need to act quickly if you want to take advantage of the discount. It may not make you the next Edgar Wallace, but I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy it, and by the time you’ve done all the assignments and had your tutor’s feedback on your work you’ll be in a much better position to write short stories that grab an editor or competition adjudicator’s attention; plan and polish that novel that’s been kicking around in a drawer (or in the recesses of your brain) or even start work on a play for TV or the stage.

And talking about short stories, this is the first time that we’ve ever published a shortlist before  actually announcing the result. So, if you entered and want to check whether you’re in the running then have a look here. These shortlisted entries have just gone off to the judge so it shouldn’t be long before we announce the actual winners.

In the meantime you need to start brushing up your poetic skills so that you can enter our Limerick Competition which is coming shortly. If you want to see how a good limerick should be written, then why not check out last year’s winners. It looks easy, doesn’t it? But it’s surprising just how much effort needs to go into producing a perfectly crafter limerick.

That’s it for this week, folks. My guest next week is Tom Jager, a professional blogger, who will be showing you how to choose the right style for your story. So until then…




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