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Is Distance Learning Right For You?

March 12th, 2014

After World Book Day last week, we had a spike in the number of people enrolling on our Comprehensive Creative Writing Course. But this is not the only time it happens. Not surprisingly, spikes also happen at Christmas (most of which are gifts for very lucky people who’ve probably been hinting like mad for months) and at New Year – I guess because people make resolutions to do something new. But, what kind of people are attracted to distance learning courses?

Research by Rogers and Cranton in 1989 discovered some common features amongst people who take distance learning courses. It seems those who enrol:

• ‘are adult by definition’ – they are mature in their approach to learning

• ‘are all engaged in a continuing process of growth’ – they value learning

• ‘bring a package of experience and values’ – they are experienced

• ‘usually come to education with set intentions’ – they are motivated

• ‘bring mature expectations about education itself’ – they are realistic

• ‘often have competing interests’ – they need to work and have family and social life commitments too

• ‘possess set patterns of learning’ – they want to work at their own pace

Does that sound like you? If it does, you’ll probably do really well on one of our courses. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enrol if you don’t see yourself in the descriptions above as there are, according to Jamie Littlefield in his article Is Distance Learning Right For You?, numerous benefits to distance learning. In fact, successful distance learners do just as well, in some cases better, than their counterparts in class, are less likely to procrastinate and have better reading comprehension skills. Not bad, eh?

I hope this blog has helped you decide if distance learning is for you. And, if you fancy giving it a go, you couldn’t have chosen a better time – the next Course of The Week is £25 off the Comprehensive Creative Writing course.

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