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Was Yours a Dickensian Christmas?

January 4th, 2016

charles-dickens-blogAs a resident of flood-hit Rochdale my Christmas was definitely Dickensian. We were luckier than many in that we’re on a hill so our house wasn’t flooded. But on Boxing Day there was no power for 15 hours so we sat huddled round our open fire reading by candlelight. Listening to the rain beating down and the wind wuthering around the chimney, it was really quite cosy. Then the next day the water went off without any notice until late at night – perhaps a blessing in disguise as it meant no washing up!

But it really brought home to me what it must have been like before all the modern comforts of life that we’ve come to expect.  A roaring fire and candlelight are great for a limited period but life outside that little bubble must have been hard.

As usual over Christmas the TV channels were awash with different versions of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ and the BBC even came up with ‘Dickensian’ – 20 half-hour programmes based on Dicken’s characters but with the plot thought up by their own script writers. I didn’t watch them – surely, there’s more to Dickens than his characters, however colourful and larger than life they are? It’s the whole plot of each novel that makes Dickens such a wonderful writer. If you’ve only ever watched glossy TV adaptations of his work then make the effort to sit down and read one of his novels for yourself – I can guarantee that it will be time well spent.

And just to make you smile, on this first day back at work, I’ve got a cute little cartoon about Charles Dickens’ life for you. It probably won’t tell you much that you don’t already know, but it might inspire you to dig a little deeper and give you the nudge you need to actually try one of his novels.




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