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A Day In The Life Of A Literary Agent

April 12th, 2019

Just recently, I seem to have had a number of guests who have given advice about self-publishing. But what about the many writers who want to go down the more conventional path and publish via an agent? So this week I’ve been talking to Susan Yearwood, who runs a successful London agency, about what her work entails and what she is looking for when taking on a new author.

“My day consists of editing, arranging and attending meetings as well as signing writers to my agency.

I recently met with a writer and discussed edits before he re-submits his script to me. His will be the second signing to Susan Yearwood Agency in just over a week, the first of which pertains to a psychological thriller writer; her script is at the line-by-line editing stage.

I rarely represent writers who have submitted their work to the agency email inbox but look forward to that hidden gem waiting to be signed, an example of this being the psychological thriller writer, who has written a quietly disturbing, gripping novel about a grieving music student set in a crumbling house with an overly attentive landlady. I have great hopes for it!

I am looking for writers who are commercially-minded, whether they write literary or more popular fiction. The writer I will be signing this week has written a coming-of-age novel about a young man gaining a fortune, losing himself and his money, and regaining both his sense of self and his wealth. It’s an uplifting book, just right for the literary end of the market at present.

Next, I’ll be organising meetings with publishers in relation to both books and other arrivals on my list. It is quite an exciting time for me and my agency, as I start to think about building my list with more commercial writers and growing my agency to include another agent. This will mean more scope for debut and experienced writers to join us.

I read fiction, including crime/thriller, and non-fiction, particularly narrative non-fiction. If you have an extract you would like to send to me, do email the first 30 pages and a synopsis to susan@susanyearwood.com and mention you read about me in this blog. I tend not to read SFF and short stories.”

So there’s an offer! It’s not every day that an agent agrees to look at a sample of your work and I’d like to thank Susan for making this offer to our readers. Just make sure that if you do send anything it complies with what she has requested. And, also ensure that it’s your best work.

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