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Who Should Take a Creative Writing Course?

December 12th, 2012

Ever thought about writing a bestselling novel? Or award winning articles for glossy women’s magazines? Maybe you know the secret to looking younger and want to share it with the world? Or perhaps you fancy writing a regular column for a newspaper? If the answer is yes, then you should take a creative writing course. In fact, if you’ve ever contemplated writing anything that you intend others to read – even for friends and family – it would be wise to learn how to do it well.

Why? Because writing is like any other profession – you need to understand how it works. Think about it, would you try to build a house without learning how to do it first? I hope the answer is no – if not I don’t think I’ll be accepting your invitation for tea, thanks. But you see my point – writing, like any other profession, has certain procedures you need to follow to be successful. For example, one of the main reasons novice writers have work rejected by publishers is because they send their writing to the wrong markets. A creative writing course will teach you how to find suitable markets and then approach them in a way that makes sure you don’t look like a complete novice. You’ll also need advice on how to negotiate contracts and fees for your work when it’s accepted for publication. Would you really know how to do this without the help of experienced professionals?

In my role as a student advisor I hear this story many times, ‘I had been writing for years but never managed to get anything published. I joined the Creative Writing course and now I’m a published writer!’ So I’m thoroughly convinced that anyone wishing to write seriously should take a creative writing course. In fact, the winner of Writer of the Year 2012 , Eugene, is a great example of how a creative writing course can help you get published, you can read his story here.

So, it’s clear to see the value of creative writing courses for anyone wanting to write well.

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