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Creative Writing And Copywriting – What’s The Difference?

April 8th, 2020

When I embarked on the Writers Bureau Comprehensive Creative Writing Course, I had no thought of copywriting. For me, it was going to be all about writing for magazines and working on my fiction projects.

Fast forward a couple of years and someone asked me to help them write the copy for their new website. At the time I was struggling to gain traction with editors, and it seemed like a good opportunity, so I thought I’d go for it.

I didn’t know much about copywriting, but I knew about writing. And my background in marketing was sure to help me out. Despite a severe case of imposter syndrome, I worked on the Homepage and About Us for my new client.

I found, when it comes right down to it, that there isn’t much difference between writing and copywriting. There’s a story to tell, and you tell it to a particular audience. This is true for whatever you’re creating.

My client was delighted with the result (and also my price – I discovered later that the figure I’d plucked out of the air was about a fifth of the market rate) and booked me to write several blog posts for them. My career in copywriting had begun.

The more I learned, the more the parallels between creative writing and copywriting continued. Just as magazines have different readerships, companies have different target audiences. To write articles, it is likely that you’ll need to put yourself out there and meet people to interview or research. I talk to my clients to learn about their industry and areas of expertise.

Of course, there are nuances and subtleties to copywriting, including the fun of SEO. But as with all writing, that’s where the beauty and wonder of words comes in.

And best of all, some of my clients need not only web copy, blog posts and case studies, but also like to put their name to articles in industry magazines. And guess who writes those articles for them?

Throughout the Writers Bureau course, I consistently surprised myself with my ability to switch from one style of writing to another. The same can be said for my freelancing career. I work with clients from a broad range of industries from insulated concrete to beauty aesthetics, from dental implants to digital marketing. The one thing that all my clients have in common is a passion for what they do, and a desire to tell the world about it.

They’re going places, and I help take them there.

P.S. I also charge a lot more now!


Laura Ansbro is a Freelance Writer who helps businesses to talk to their audience, developing a unique tone of voice that speaks volumes about their brand. She loves nothing more than getting into the nitty-gritty of the product or service on offer, finding out about the passion that drives it.

Despite having a busy client list and a four-year old to play with, Laura still finds time for creative writing, and was recently runner up in her local Literary Festival Short Story Competition.

So far she’s been too busy to create a website. Find her on Facebook @LauraAnsbroWriter  or LinkedIn.

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